Tradepoint’s suite of FIX testing and certification products are used by firms which connect to a number of counterparties. From protocol simulation to scenario testing which requires precise sequencing and timing, Simpoint allows a firm to work without direct message flow from customers and vendors. It is used in development, QA, UAT, and production support. Certpoint is built on top of Simpoint technology, and provides automated certification and onboarding experiences for customers who are required to certify compliance with your FIX API.

Simpoint Client

Simpoint Client is a multi-asset trade simulation tool used to generate inbound FIX client order traffic and receive outbound market data. Software developers and QA testers use Simpoint Client to validate that their trading system operates as expected under varying types of customer order activity and that their customers are receiving valid market data distributions. Simpoint Client can act as a single or multiple client sessions. Protect your credibility with your clients by ensuring that your trading system will properly handle their order flow and that they are receiving your intended market prices. Simpoint Client allows your software developers and QA testers to execute manual and automated regression test cases to verify that new rollouts will not impact your customer’s experience. Push the performance boundaries of your system to confirm that it will hold up during the heaviest trading spikes by using Simpoint Client to run stress, load and performance tests.

Simpoint Exchange

Simpoint Exchange gives users the ability to replicate messaging from exchanges, ECNs, banks and other trading venues, within their own development or testing laboratories. The tool matches message formatting and rules beyond venue-provided specifications, to cover the full nuances of market data and transactional logic of each simulated venue. With so many flavors of protocol-compliant FIX in production today, a vanilla FIX engine is no longer sufficient for trading engines. Nor is it sufficient to develop an engine to a written specification, which rarely covers the deeper and differing intricacies of acceptable order logic. With the rules for each venue being complex and subject to change, and with new trading destinations emerging frequently, traders must regularly back-test their compatibility with each venue as their engines grow. Having a reliable and comprehensive test plan custom-tailored for each destination ensures consistent performance and reduces time to market for new destinations. Simpoint Exchange makes this possible by allowing for full test automation with zero external dependencies.

Simpoint Certification

Simpoint Certification allows your clients and third party technology vendors to independently self-certify that their trading systems conform to your exact trading and market data specifications. Simpoint Certification is an easy-to-use FIX protocol certification system. Initial setup and on-going maintenance can be done by your technical staff or by Tradepoint’s professional services team. Once configured, your clients can independently execute your certification tests and automatically track and record results. Upon success, a report is generated and sent to both you and your client validating completion. A full historical log is maintained for compliance purposes.